Friday the 13th, October 2017

friday the 13 choppers

Gear up and get here!

Be a part of the legend, join the thousands who come to party and celebrate the passion of everything motorcycle.

It’s about the passion; it’s about the ride. Hear the roar of the engines, smell the leather, see the colourful characters, feel the power of the engines, taste the freedom.

For almost 20 years bikers and bike fans have come together in Port Dover on every Friday the 13th to share their passion for the open road, check out all the bikes, enjoy the beach, eat great food and, of course, drink some beer.

For almost as long, the Kinsmen Club of Port Dover has been here helping the party and the legend to grow. Among many things, we offer camping (dates & availability varies with each event), with hot showers at the school and Kinsmen Park (during warm months only). And the best part? All the proceeds from these events go straight back into our community through our programming and service work.

Parking and shuttles will be available for those of you who won't be riding your Harley to town. No vehicles are permitted in town (during the warm months) without a resident pass other than motorcycles. But don't worry. There will be parking available with shuttles running in and out of town from Friday Morning into early Saturday Morning. Parking locations vary with each event. Check out our facebook page for more details prior to each event.

Proceeds from the Parking Lots will go to Port Dover Kinsmen Club, Cystic Fibrosis and other local charities who volunteer their time to assist with the event.