Celebrating 90 Years of Kin in Canada!

The Association was founded by Harold (Hal) Rogers in 1920 in Hamilton, Ontario. Rogers was 21 and, after returning from the trenches of the First World War, he missed the companionship of the men with whom he had served. Looking to join a club, Rogers decided to join Rotary, but his application was rejected because, at that time, it was Rotary's policy not to admit two members from the same business classification (his father, with whom Rogers worked, was already a member). As a result of this rejection, Rogers and a small group of like-minded men gathered for a dinner meeting on Feb. 20, 1920 and became the first Kinsmen Club, the Kinsmen Club of Hamilton. For a more complete history, please visit the national Kin Canada Association website.

[photo of Hal Rogers or historical Kinsmen photo]

The Kinsmen Club of Port Dover came into being many years later. On June 6, 1959 the club celebrated its charter night with all 24 members, their friends, family and local dignitaries. The first community project soon followed - the installation of a chain-link fence at Port Dover Public School the full length of the playground on Main Street. Since that time, the Kinsmen Club of Port Dover has been involved in hundreds of projects in and around the town. The most recent major undertaking was the construction of the $100,000 new pavilion in Kinsmen Park.

More than $1 billion raised - Every year, Kin clubs across Canada contribute millions of dollars to Canadian communities. In fact, Kin members have proudly contributed more than $1 billion to Canadian communities since the Association was founded in 1920.